7-Zip File De/Compression Utility
7-Zip is an excellent open-source compression/decompression tool that supports many archive formats.
OpenShell (Classic Start Menu)
Tired of the awkward new start menu? OpenShell is an excellent reboot of the start menu that you are already familiar with.
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Open-source web browser from the Mozilla team. Take back control of your web browsing!
Mozilla Thunderbird e-Mail Client
Open-source E-mail client from the same people who make Mozilla Firefox. Take back control of your e-Mail!
PuTTY Telnet/SSH Client
A freeware Telnet/SSH client with supplemental software. These tools are a must-have for Linux server admins.
FileZilla FTP Software
Open-source FTP Client and Server software. These are arguably some of the best FTP solutions available.
Ultra VNC Remote Control Software
Remote control software available under the GPL license.